How it works


  • The EUPLAYY online competition is intended for children and young persons who live in Europe and are between 3 and 21 years old.

Programme selection

  • Depending on the participants' age there will be between one and three rounds. See details of agegroups
  • The duration and composition of the programmes must be in accordance with the specifications for Programmes.


  • At the beginning of the competition, a codeword will be published on the EUPLAYY-Website. 
  • The codeword must be announced at the beginning of each video.


  • As soon as the codeword is published the registered participants can create recordings of their piano pieces, by following our guidelines
  • The participants may send all pieces in one video or each piece separately. 
  • Find help for your recording setting at tips and tricks
  • Each video has to start with the announcement, including the codeword, name of the player and the played pieces. 


  • The upload period for each round lasts between one and two weeks, see details in time schedule
  • To avoid stress in case of problems, we recommend to upload the videos at least three days before closure of the upload period.
  • The uploaded videos are hosted safely on our own server.
  • During the upload period, the recordings can be watched  in our digital concert hall, which has a maximal capacity of 150 visitors at one time. It will be accessible for logged-in visitors.


  • The decision of our jury will follow after several days.
  • The jury votes in a 100 point system.
  • The results of single rounds are only published as prize levels. This is to keep spirits high and motivate every player. After all, each participant has to play all rounds, regardless of the number of points achieved.
  • After the jury voting of the last round the first prizes of each group will be released for the voting of the audience prize. Any registered user is allowed to vote.


  • The prizes are awarded according to the number of points achieved, see details in prizes.
  • The three highest rated first prizes are awarded the title "Ultimate Winner".
  • The prizes for the ultimate winners are audiovisual recording sessions, masterclasses, concerts and prize money.